Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Too tired and hung over

Too tired and hung over to say much just now but I do remember spotting a few famous faces at the previews last night…

  • Angela Eagle MP in the Walker
  • Lloyd Grossman (TV presenter and NW Art thingy) in the Walker and FACT
  • Mike McCartney (Photographer brother of Paul) in the Tate
  • Tim Marlow (ace TV Arts presenter) talking to camera just about everywhere. Don’t know what the program is but they tell me its broadcast on Sept. 30th.
  • Badly Drawn Boy and family playing on the slides at the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhib.

Warning! Those slides are dangerous! They’re quite big but too narrow for adults, even slim ones like me. I came to an abrupt stop two-thirds of the way down and was wedged like a cork in a wine bottle. My hips are still sore!