Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The Art Crawl last night

The Art Crawl last night was great fun, I didn’t do the whole thing though as I went to the Northern Lights relaunch party at the Masque which was also great fun.
Dorrie Halliday’s Urban Angels were released into the night sky from outside The Quarter Cafe. Yes, they’re actually red balloons but they have postcard prints of Dorrie’s angel pictures tied to them. I’ve just looked at her website and a couple of people in the Manchester area have already reported finding some.

Also starting from here was Rebecca Backhouse’s live performance ‘Trace’. She filled a couple of people-shaped canvas sacks with sand and dragged them along the ground so that the sand starts to slowly pour out leaving a trail. Here they are enjoying a drink before starting off.
By the time they got to the second venue, Puschka, they were already looking a bit worn!

We congregated in the small wine cellar at Puschka where there are some great ceramics. I then left the ‘crawl’ but joined up with them well after midnight at the Bumper club where David Knopov was singing Sinatra songs in his Perfectly Frank guise. I’m not a Sinatra fan but this guy is good, I vaguely remember joining in the dancing at one point before literally crawling up the hill to bed at 2am.