Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Its a wonder the city

Its a wonder the city centre streets and shops aren’t completely deserted. With, already, quite literally more than 3 people boycotting the city centre because of Yoko’s banners, the council have started erecting huge Christmas decorations across the main thoroughfares.
I don’t recall anyone asking the people of Liverpool if they wanted this stuff forced upon them. They haven’t even got the excuse that its the work of an internationally renowned artist. It is tasteless, offensive, degrading, ironic and any other inappropriate adjectives you can think of. No doubt, there will be many members of the public complaining to the Council and the press already. As a devout anti-christmasitarian myself I will have to avert my eyes but this could make my gallery visits a bit difficult. I suppose they’ll plonk a fir tree in the Walker soon.
I’m not sure what my punishment will be if my eyes should happen to fall on a Santa Claus or, heaven forbid, a whole nativity scene complete with David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy! Perhaps, I’ll be forced to spend the rest of my days in a room full of Stuckists, Religious zealots and everyone who’s ever appeared on Big Brother.