Thursday, July 18, 2024
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It would be nice to

It would be nice to say I saw the whole of the Biennial but here’s some of the things I missed..

Loads of artists’ talks and the Fusebox tours.
Loads of live performances at the Bluecoat.
Whatever was happening at the Palm House, at Holly Lodge School, at Wavertree, Kirkby, Sheil Park and
Menlove Ave. (suppose I’m too lazy to travel outside the city centre!)
The Commons
Delving & Driving bus tour
My Yugo – taxi
Most of The Art Organisations events in the first 2 weeks at St Brides and Roscoe St.

Of course, it was physically impossible to attend all the live events as a lot clashed with other once-only shows.
It was mostly talks and performances that I missed, I think I did manage to see every painting, photograph and sculpture shown in the city centre. So I’m proud of that.