Thursday, July 18, 2024
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I couldn’t face a trip

I couldn’t face a trip to Madchester after all, I went to the Novas building (yet again) to watch some of the transVoyeur filmed interviews with the American artists who never actually exhibited here due to funding problems. Its the last day at Novas tomorrow (Sat. 30th) but Ben Youdan was there today taking down his pictures made from sequins, so if you haven’t seen them its too late now.

I’ll really miss them and all the other stuff here, the International strand is good but I found the Independents & New Contemporaries more interesting/exciting.
The ‘Streets of Desire’ exhibition at Jump Ship Rat runs for another week though, it finishes on Nov 8th.

Hurrah for Mothman

Moth Man (artist Tony Knox) tells me that he won his wrestling match last Saturday despite impaired vision due to his mask slipping over his eyes. This was a return match against GPW wrestler Adam Fate who gave our hero such a beating in the video on show here.