Thursday, July 18, 2024
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‘Beyond the Reality’ at Hermitage

‘Beyond the Reality’ at Hermitage Art Gallery

I don’t think this made it into the Biennial guides, I only heard about it because I bumped into the curator Kate Dadiani on the first day of the biennial so I went to the private viewing last night. This is an exhibition of work by the Georgian artist Mikhail Makharadze and features his original sketches for his costume designs for the Bolshoi and other ballet theatres as well as larger oil paintings portraying such things as the seven sins, decisions and Georgians’ festive spirit. Look out for the folder where you can see photographs of the dancers performing in the costumes designed by Mikhail.
The gallery is above the St Petersburg restaurant in York St. The restaurant itself is on the first floor so you just carry on up the stairs, unless you want to stop off for a meal, its excellent cuisine apparently but too carnivorous for my tastes. Not sure when this finishes but the next exhib starts on 21st Oct so it can only be a couple of weeks.