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Soundwalk (Dawnchorus & Sunset Special) Wednesday

Soundwalk (Dawnchorus & Sunset Special) in Liverpool, England,
Meet at Otterspool Gates Aigburth Road/Jericho Lane
Wednesday June 21st 2006 04:30 am !
Wednesday June 21st 2006 21:30 pm !
£2.00 per walk or for both (BOGOF)

SPECIAL OFFER: participants can receive a CD recording of the walk(s) for £5.00.
The recordings and walks are part of the on-going project facilitated by Phil Morton , “Take me to the river” will eventually result in CD/CD rom releases in 2008.

A soundwalk is a practice: it is walking without talking, focussing on the sound around, focussing on being there rather than talking about it.
The Listening Room takes you to undiscovered places: means of transport, your senses.
Sessions usually consist of 3 x 20 minutes sessions with light intermission to share thoughts and reflections and then move on.

Take me to the river: Slow soundwalk
“When was the last time you went somewhere just to hear the sounds there?
Whether experienced as private meditation or as collective silence SOUNDWALKS refresh your ears and reset your sensual awareness to where you are, live or work………

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER: is a special slow walk: a path that lasts 10 minutes at a brisk pace will take an hour. A path down Otterspool Park Path to the river taking in the sonic delights of the wood as we leave the road behind,
and finally open out into the great blue horizon of the Mersey Estuary:

A rare chance to slow down in the urban rush.

All welcome: avoid noisy bags and clothing, bring a friend and you won’t have to explain the journey to them later! Surprise yourself”

Listening Room

Streetmap : The postcode location is L17 5AN. This map is OK but