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Monatronic/SoundNetwork at Dragon Bar

I promise not to fill up this blog with music listings but here’s another one. This qualifies anyway because its ‘sound based art’ and its the launch of SoundNetwork

Monatronic Live
Monatronic Present the SoundNetwork Launch Party

27th May 2006

Live: Global Goon (J-Hawk, Rephlex, Audio Dregs)
Mark Pilkington (Thought Universe)
One Manned Mule (Monatronic)
Opiu Vs. Nunatak (Monatronic – decks,FX,bleeps, beeps and geeks)
Hive DJ’s (The Hive Collective)

Visuals: Father Francis Lo-Fi Visuals

Venue and Time:
Dragon Bar, Berry Street, Liverpool
Performers from 9pm -2am
Entrance Free

Monatronic are ushered to Liverpool to host the Sound Network launch party. A host of Monatronic artists are joined by electronical mega star Global Goon and some local favorites.

SoundNetwork is a network developed to sustain, advocate and support sound based art practice in the North West of England and beyond.

SoundNetwork have been organising events, generating new membership,workgroups, collaborative projects, exhibitions and web resources for it’s membership in Liverpool, Manchester and beyond.