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Garston Cultural Village – Upcoming Events

A Preview Crawl (not Pub Crawl)


Invite You To
On The Fringe in Garston
Thursday 12th of October 2006

Three events in one evening

At the
Cafe Cargo
‘Beneath the Skin Of The City’ at the Garston Reading Rooms
‘Gene Culture’ at Slaughterhouse 73

1. Cafe Gallery Cafe Cargo

Launch of a new ARTS venue in GARSTON

Preview at Garstons new Cafe Gallery at 70 St Mary’s Road with an exhibition by Liverpool artist Jenny Dooley. It will be officially opened between 18.00 and 19.00 by Dean Sullivan

2. Beneath The Skin Of The City

You are invited to join us for MADE IN LIVERPOOL 06 BENEATH THE SKIN OF THE CITY


At the GARSTON READING ROOMS on the corner of Wellington Street and Chapel Road, Garston L19 2LX at 19.15 onwards with Dean Sullivan.

3.’Gene Culture’ at the Slaughterhouse 73

The exhibition they closed down after 24 hours in Liverpool.

“Described as sensationalist, stomach churning, includes pigs heads (though cast and made of Latex) and squirrel remains (bones). Controversial, it sparked a debate, it was said some vegetarians and animal rights folk were not impressed. Come and see for yourself.”

” The exhibition is fascinating but I think even as a meat eater myself I would find it difficult to eat a meal in the same room. Come and judge for yourself.” Alex Corina

Preview of ‘Gene Culture’ an exhibition by 10 international artists between 19-21.00 at the Slaughterhouse 73 Garston

About the exhibition……..

“The opening of ‘Gene Culture’ was first unveiled on 09 August 2006 at the Egg Space Gallery, Liverpool, England. In less then twenty-four hours this exhibition was closed down. The show was curated by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney, as Guest Curator invited by Headspace. Sweeney selected ten international artists from 250 submissions as far as Thailand to London. The standard of submissions was exceptionally high and the final collection of art was profound and compelling. The management group contacted Guest Curator, Sweeney, and accused her of ‘sensationalism’ by the selection of the work and stated they would be boycotted by alleged animal rights activists. It was added that the exhibition was too ‘controversial’ for the nature of the venue” Transvoyeur

Alex Corina