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Exhibition of Chinese Art – Anglican Cathedral

xialu-2.jpgExhibition of Chinese Art

Venue: Well of the Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican Cathedral)

Exhibition starts on 12 April 2007 until 18 April 2007
Opening time: 10.00 – 16.00 daily.

Curated by Xia Lu
Exhibition of works by some of the most notable artists in the Beijing Province, including Wen-Long Jia, Wen-Chen Wang, Zhao Liu, Mrs Bao Xiang Niu, and Jun Qi Liu.
Works of painting, sketching, fine silk work and Chinese calligraphy will be on display.

Website: Liverpool Cathedral

Meet the artists!
There is a opening ceremony on 12 April 2007, at 18.00 in Liverpool
Anglican Cathedral. Drinks and light refreshments are available.
Three artists from Beijing will be there.

Mr Jun-Qi LUI:
Research Institute of Maiji Mountain Grotto Art. (Grottoes on Maiji
Mountain lie 45 kilometers to the southeast of Tianshui City, Gansu
Province, China). His artworks, mainly paintings and drawings based on
frescoes of Maiji Mountain Grotto, have been exhibited in Japan, USA,
Hong Kong and many provinces in China.
(The grottos were first built during the Later Qin Period (384-417),
widely sculpted during the reigns of Emperor Mingyuan and Emperor
Taiwu in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534), and got some development
after the first year (477) of the Taihe reign of Emperor Xiaowen).

Mr Wen-Long JIA and Mr Wen-Chen Wang:
Beijing Calligraphers Association. Their artworks are chinese calligraphy.