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e-space lab at (out of) Bluecoat This Weekend

At Bluecoat Arts Centres ‘Out of The Blue’ space,
53 – 51 Paradise Street
Friday 24th February (8am – 5pm)
Saturday 25th February (8am – 5pm)
Sunday 26th February (1:30am – 10am)
Free Event

e-space lab and Bluecoat Arts Centre
Invite artists, architects and all social explorers in mapping the urban, domestic and social fabric, in Liverpool and Shanghai simultaneously.

In this event e-space lab continue with their experimental work in a trans-national art project linking artists in the twinned cities of Liverpool and Shanghai.

The project will be exploring everyday life in these different places in real time, using the internet to exchange video files, and send and receive images from mobile phones. The programme of the event will be spread over three 8 hour sessions during the period of the experiment so that we can see how life compares in space and time during the day, evening and through the night.

The themes that emerge will inevitably engage with the fact that people in both places are living with the fallout of ongoing change. There will be open discussions scheduled for times when artists and audience can look at how the project explores contemporary urban and social fabric, whilst conversations can take place with people visible in the other space in the other city, made possible by live streaming video. As the e-space artists move through these cities and describe, record and engage with these urban realities, a mosaic of layered images will appear as the uploaded files are exchanged on the net, and reflecting, perhaps, the possibility of inhabiting a new type of space – a connected and virtual meta-city e-space.

All are welcome to drop in, view the work and meet the artists.
For more information contact Ema Quinn 0151 709 5297
or email