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Australian Female Shorts – Thursday

Cornerstone Artists Cinema presents a programme of shorts by Australian filmmakers.
Thursday 27th April 6.30pm

Amanda Brotchie
1. Headlock (1996, 14 mins), a graduation short film.
2. Break and Enter (1999, 9 mins).

Katrina Mather
3. Teenage Portraits (1994, 5 mins, DVD) Australian teenagers profiled in their social tribes, shot in a rhythmically sensitive, black and white photomontage.
4. Vernon- the visitor (1996, 1 mins, DVD, Animation)
5. Meta4 (2005, 1 mins 30 secs, DVD) An experimental conceptual argument, that’s all 4…four…for…fore…

Sue K
6. DAZ07/02/012038 (2001, 5 mins, video)
daz07/02/012038 uses an intricate form of editing to remodel time, establishing a rhetoric that questions the provision of motion in film’s pictorial space through the succession of still images.

7. STEPS—89 (2004, 17 mins, video)

Curated by Edda Markus.