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Artwork of the Day – Teapot by Virginia Graham

teapot-1.jpgLiverpool Artwork of the day – Friday January 19 2007. Teapot by Virginia Graham at Bluecoat Display Centre

Image courtesy of Avant Garde Jewellery Gallery. Buy Virginia Graham online at

We are big tea drinkers here at but still seems odd to feature two teapots as artworks of the day this month.
This is by Virginia Graham and is one of several by various artists that will be on show at the Bluecoat Display Centre in College Lane from tomorrow Saturday January 20 to February 17 2007. We’ll be going to the viewing at 17.30 tonight, maybe we’ll be offered a cup of tea instead of the usual wine.
Don’t suppose they’ll allow us to use these pots though. Just last night we were in Kimos (Mt. Pleasant) drinking Moroccan mint tea poured from a cute little silver pot into small glasses, very nice.

The blurb…
The first new exhibition from Bluecoat Display Centre for 2007 brings together a varied collection of designers and crafts people who have created the perfect accompaniments to any mad hatters tea party. The traditional, unusual and sometimes even eccentric come together in this group show which celebrates the decorative possibilities of functional and non-functional objects, designed for the pleasure of relaxing with your favourite hot drink.

Renowned names, including John Leach, are orchestrated alongside more recent arrivals on the creative scene such as Jacob van der Beugel, winner of an Elle Decoration Future Classic Award, and Sun Kim who has most recently been featured in Ceramic Review for her inventive pottery. Virginia Graham, whose teapots (pictured above) and vessels will feature, has said she makes teapots and tea services because they are the ultimate in collectible ceramics; they are also ordinary objects that are instantly recognizable to the onlooker.

This exhibition celebrates the Chinese New Year and we hope to organise a traditional tea ceremony during the exhibition which will be free to anyone wishing to attend, dates and time will be confirmed