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Artwork of the Day – Anne Marie Prior

7atUnity-1.jpgLiverpool Artwork of the day – Friday February 23 2007. ‘White Rabbit’ Pencil Drawing by Anne Marie Prior in 7@Unity at Unity Theatre until March 17 2007

I think this is great because the artist has so painstakingly drawn a beautiful, skillful, accurate portrait in pencil and then in almost graffiti style put a rabbits nose, teeth and whiskers on. Now that takes guts.

This is one of 2 drawings by Prior in this exhibition at the Unity Theatre by a group of 7 final year students at JMU School of Art, calling themselves 7@Unity.
Its a good show, I like Jack Welsh’s ‘after Caulfield’ paintings and Paul Joseph Curran’s experiments with the physicality of paint. Jane Hughes ‘Look and Listen’ which records the scenery and conversations on a train journey to London is amusing and clever.
Other good works by Elizabeth Caulwell, Becky Swift and Hannah Fray.

7@Unity February 13 – March 17 2007