Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Stunning pictures at The Quarter

Whoever accepts the artwork for the walls of the Quarter restaurant in Falkner St has good taste (in my opinion of course). I was in there today for the first time since the Biennial, I think, when they had some good stuff by various local artists. Now, as soon as you enter you can’t miss this large colourful canvas which definitely has a Wow! factor, this small photo does not really do it justice. Its one of a few large pieces by Elaine P Stanley, all acrylic on canvas of local scenes. They are for sale and selling quite well apparently, good quality local scenes often do in my experience.
I also saw some nice monochrome photographs in the back room but couldn’t see who they were by (anyone out there know?). That’s the only problem with the Quarter, its very popular so its difficult to see things close up without disturbing a few diners – I still have the soup stains to prove it. They do nice coffee too.

Update: Terry tells me that the photographs are by Andrew Dawson. Thanks