Thursday, July 18, 2024

Now and Zen

This is at ArtSpeQ Quiggins until the end of May (afternoons only – noon – 17.00). It features the fashion designs of Luisa Dawn D’Arte and abstract paintings by Simon Yorke.
Luisa says…

‘My collection of wear is bohemian in style, the garments are fused together with fine lace, embroidery, net and the most delicate materials. My latest collection is a unique range of Victorian inspired, contemporary bridal wear.’

And Simon says…

‘My work is inspired by my beliefs and has been influenced by my travels through Cambodia and Vietnam. I try to incorporate everything I do, think, speak and create into my Buddhist practice. I try to represent the stripping away of ego and the negative emotions that hide the true Buddha nature that is innate in all of us.’

There’s a few small fashion units in Quiggins now so Luisa’s work doesn’t look at all out of place here. Its certainly not everyday wear, indeed some items would only ever be seen on the catwalk. Luisa does a lot of commissioned work for wedding outfits etc. and this is a good example of her style of work. Interesting.

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