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‘Collidoscope’ at Liverpool Academy of Arts

Time flies! It was Monday night I was at this viewing. It was officially opened by Angela Heslop, the Radio Merseyside Arts reporter. Her Artwaves program is always a good listen. I usually catch up with it later online.
Collidoscope is a group of North West artists. Their work includes painting, photography, ceramics and craftwork and is a diverse mix of genre, style and subject matter, from representational to abstract in a variety of media.
Some met through an art class run by tutor Sue Yoosawai, who is also exhibiting with the group.
Artists: Janet Cobbold, Dorothy Culshaw, Sylvia Garrette, Graham Gavin, Mair Griffiths, Tony Griffiths, Ann Harrison, Gail Hayes, Marie McGowan, Simon MacBryde & Sue Yoosawai. Most of whom are pictured here in front of one of Simon MacBryde’s ink on canvas portraits and Marie McGowan’s brightly coloured abstract.
Also pictured is Gail Hayes with one of her ceramics.
Ends March 18th
Liverpool Academy of Arts link
Collidoscope contact: Marie McGowan
Thanks to Minako for the photos