Thursday, July 18, 2024

Atkinson at the Atkinson

artthisway.jpg‘Do Not Remove’ – Craig Atkinson‘s solo show at the Atkinson Gallery in Southport until July 3rd.
I’ve seen quite a few of Craig’s ‘White Paintings’ over the past year and there are a few of them here but he’s now moved on to something quite different. There’s a lot of text involved, sometimes just written in pen complete with crossings-out on a small sheet of paper and framed. Others are painted on quite thick and some are doodles. Some are quite amusing others are obviously the artist’s moans. Overall I enjoyed seeing this though I’ve never been keen on text on/as paintings. I find it too distracting, all I see is the text and I only want to read it once or twice not be forced to read it every time I look at the wall. If you want to communicate with words write a book or print a poster.
Also in the Atkinson until June 25th is a collection of Japanes woodblock prints on loan from Blackburn Museum.
What else is in Southport?
There’s an Art Incorporated in Wayfarers Arcade off Lord St which is like a lot of High St art shop/galleries, lots of Doug Hyde’s, Charlotte Atkinsons etc but quite nice. There’s a Gallery 1 further up Lord St, full of chocolate box pictures poorly displayed.

Then it gets worse, the new Marine Way bridge is quite cool and the Pier is OK but oh, the ‘Fun’ Fairs [sic] and ‘Amusement’ Arcades [sic] and souvenir shops and 20,000 teashops and who’s on the Floral Hall… Jim Davidson then Bernard Manning and the train home which takes an incredible 45 minutes is packed with chip eating, coke drinking/snorting chavs and shell-suits from Boot Hill (God, I’m a snob!). Good old Hope St has never looked more pleasant!
Don’t let me put you off though, the Atkinson’s permanent collection is quite good too.
Review in Crosby Herald