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Spring is HERE and so is MOTHMAN!!!

moth_man_sefton_park_230.jpgSpring is HERE and so is MOTHMAN!!!
Report/Photographs by Tony Knox and Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney.
31 March 2007.

Spring is in the air! About time too …

This weekend Tony Knox and Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney from Transvoyeur were in Sefton Park appreciating the wonderful fine weather.

Knox who is a researcher in the enigma of Moth Man in his creative practice was astounded to actually find the creature in the park.

Some people assume Moth Man is Knox, due his ever increasing interest with this man-come-moth fixation.

Knox had his camera with him and Sweeney and him pursued the creature, peering from behind trees.

Moth Man was seen frolicking in the daffodils. From the mass of research Knox has done, it is thought this open demonstration by the strange ‘being’ is due to the season of spring and he is looking for a mate …

Previous reporting had Moth Man as living in the derelict Garden Festival area. However, he has been seen further a field and it is assumed due to recent felling of trees in this area, the creature has been disturbed.

For more information on the research of Moth Man, go to:
Feedback on any sightings of Moth Man would be appreciated by Knox to help him with his research. Knox email