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Rose Lane Studios, A New Art Venue for South Liverpool

Rose Lane Studios, A New Art Venue for South Liverpool

After months delivering his art classes in church halls artist Paul Gatenby has opened Rose Lane Studios; a permanent studio and teaching space in Rose Lane, Liverpool.  The studio is a room in a beautiful 1840 Grade II listed building with its own car park

Paul began his ‘Art from the Start ‘courses in 2015 which aim to teach art fundamentals to anyone over 18.  There are now three regular ‘Art from the Start’ classes each week.  He also runs two weekly Life Drawing classes.

Here Paul answers some frequently asked questions:

Paul Gatenby, Rose Lane Studios, credit Mike Cowley
Paul Gatenby, Rose Lane Studios, credit Mike Cowley

‘What goes on in your Art from the Start classes?

‘Well first of all the classes are ‘taught’  That is to say I demonstrate whatever process  we are exploring on the day with the emphasis very much on teaching skills.  The students look at elements of drawing such as line, tone, mark-making and perspective; we then move on to painting with sessions on colour theory, composition and ‘drawing into painting’  Students choose their own subject matter and I discuss all aspects of their work with them one to one throughout the session

Is Life Drawing taught in the same way?

‘Life Drawing tends to attract more experienced artists although I do stress that beginners are welcome.  The sessions therefore tend to be more student led.  The sessions are taught sessions but students choose their own approach and I offer support and advice on a one to one basis

Are there plans to develop any other courses?

Yes, last week I had the first of a new monthly portrait drawing session.  This will be held regularly in the new year on the first Friday of each month, I’ve also had inquiries about ceramic sculpture classes which I’ll put on in 2017 and the first of my long, single pose Life Drawing sessions is taking place on 16th December from 10.00 – 1.00.

Do people need to book in advance?

It’s best if they do, some of the classes are quite full now and the specials, (portrait and single pose life drawing) have limited places as most artists are using easels and there’s only so much space available.

Are you doing this single handed?

Well this year I helped to found Liverpool Independent Art School and I’m hoping I can bring the rest of the team to Rose Lane for a whole range of art events.

Can people contact you directly?

Of course, I’m on pg.sculpture@yahoo.co.uk or 07952 461209

The studio is at 1 Rose Lane, Liverpool, L18 8AD

I’ve also started a new blog with full details of all that’s happening at Rose Lane


What is the current programme?

Commencing January 2017

Art from the Start, an introductory course in drawing and painting

Monday mornings from 9 January from 2017, 10.00 – 12.00, £8.00 per session

Tuesday mornings from 10 January 2017, 10.00 – 12.00, £8.00 per session

Life Drawing, a taught session from a qualified tutor

Tuesday afternoons from 10 January 2017, 1.00 – 3.00, £10.00 per session

Portrait Drawing, a taught session with a model

First Friday in each month from 10.00 – 1.00, £15.00

Paul Gatenby, Rose Lane Studios
Paul Gatenby, Rose Lane Studios, Drawing by Sarah Cleall