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Home Sweet Home at the World of Glass

An interesting exhibition in St Helens. We had a mangle like that when I was a lad, I can still remember how it felt to get your fingers pinched by the rollers!

Home Sweet Home
15 January – 13 March 2011

at the World of Glass, St Helens
An exhibition associated with the history of the home. Your chance to see objects from the St. Helens Heritage Collection which have not previously been displayed. Find out what items were used in the kitchen and dining room which influence our lives today. From bathtubs to bedrooms and ragrugs, this is an exhibition for all the family to enjoy and, for our older visitors, a chance to reminisce.

Youngsters visiting the latest free exhibition at The World of Glass could well be puzzled by many of the items on display. Objects such as bedpans, pokers and hot water bottles recall the days before modern comforts such as central heating and electric blankets.

“Home Sweet Home is an exhibition for all the family to enjoy,“ says Hannah Longworth of The World of Glass.

“It will give young people a chance to discover how previous generations lived and for older people it will bring back familiar memories.

“It’s also a great opportunity to see some fascinating objects from the St Helens Collection which have not been on display before.”

Exhibits come from local homes over the past 150 years and range from Victorian mantelpiece items, such as a period clock, ceramic vase and a framed family portrait, through to essential wash day equipment such as mangles, washboards and dolly pegs.

There’s also a timeline of hot water bottles from the Victorian era through to the 1970s and a classic Bakelite radio from the 1950s – a far cry from the home entertainment technology of today.

Saddest exhibit of all must be a little stuffed dog – this poor pet of a St Helens family ended up strangling itself when its lead became tangled up with the washing line.

Home Sweet Home runs at The World of Glass until March 13 2011.

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