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News: Glass Bicycles Take to the Air for the Tour of Britain


Over 25 bicycles and numerous parts – all painted in bright Cheshire East orange for Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain – have been turned into a huge sculpture for Tatton Park to welcome the race. The artist, Deborah Moses, is a Cheshire based artist and is revered as one of today’s leading artists in kiln formed glass.

She designed the sculpture to incorporate elements of glass to hold images of Cheshire, its towns, Tour of Britain and lots of other Cheshire links for visitors to spot as they visit the park and tour. The bicycles look like they are seemingly suspended in ‘thin air’ at Tatton Park as part of the upcoming Tour of Britain, the nation’s premier road cycling event.

Deborah also installed 4 of the bicycle sculptures on Middlewich Roundabout near to The Salt Cellar and is currently working on the Tour of Britain winners’ trophy, which was designed by 10 year old Charlotte Ward from Astbury, who took part in a School competition. The school will also receive a copy of the trophy.

Bang & Olufsen, of Wilmslow, exhibit and sell Deborah’s glass sculptures and have kindly sponsored part of the sculpture and have their very own bicycle sculpture in the Bang & Olufsen play showroom window. See if you can spot the speaker! Manchester Actavo also kindly provided the scaffolding tubes and fittings for the project.

Tatton Park provides the focus for Stage 3 of the Tour of Britain race on 6th September, which runs through Cheshire. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday 22nd August with Cheshire East and invited guests.

Deborah added: “This has been a challenging commission to work on given the structure of the bicycles and the logistics but also a fun one as she was able to incorporate, what she thought are links back to the beautiful county of Cheshire for visitors to spot and is proud to see the tour come through”