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Call to Boost 2008 Awareness

From Design Week

Liverpool City Council is set to explore venues and implementation for signs and branding, as part of its initiative to raise awareness of its status as the European Capital of Culture 2008.

As part of its Look of the City 2007/2008 initiative, the council will appoint a consultancy to recommend viable locations for ‘dressing elements’ such as lighting, signs and banners.

Additionally, the council is asking for guidance on execution of the elements, while working with existing contractors for installation, design and branding.

Among the requirements is an audit on the impact that branding will have on a visitor’s perceptions of the city, and the justification behind the chosen method of ‘dressing’.

According to the brief, the objectives are to raise awareness of Liverpool’s ECC status, promote the programme and diversity of events on offer, and provide a legacy for the city to showcase events after 2008. Look of the City aims to ensure the best look of the city is achieved through 2008.

A spokeswoman for the council says the organisers have declined to comment on the project until a consultancy is appointed.