Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Back in the old Routine

Hey, We’re Back!
Apologies for the lack of news recently.
After the panic switch over to Typepad a few days ago after comment spammers crippled the system, I decided that wasn’t really the best solution. Can’t stand having the blog on a different address from the rest of artinliverpool.

So moved to a different hosting service – Blacknight Solutions which allows me more control over my server. In fact, its a much better deal than my old service, I can control all my websites under one account and includes a lot more pre-installed software so actually saves me a lot of money in the long-term.
Installed the very latest version of Movable Type (3.34) with all the anti-spam features (including use of the .htaccess file which I didn’t have access to on the old system).
Also switched the blog to build the individual pages dynamically which is also safer and faster.

I’ve stayed with the idea of merging the Art blog and Culture blog into one super Art & Culture blog. Also merged the 2004 and 2006 biennial blogs into one. (https://www.artinliverpool.com/biennial/)

So, I’m sorry if you have bookmarked that typepad address I gave out last week, you can delete it now and move back to https://www.artinliverpool.com/blog
and https://www.artinliverpool.com/blog/index.xml for RSS feeds
and https://www.artinliverpool.com/blog/atom.xml for ATOM feeds.

Maybe the evil spammers have actually done me a favour as I have been forced to address various issues and have probably ended up with a much better and less expensive service.