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20/08 Day – St John’s Beacon Tour

08cake-1.jpg 08cake-2.jpg

So, we soon achieved our first mission of 20/08 day which was to find Sgt Pepper walking around Liverpool and ask him for a ‘ticket to ride’. Unfortunately all the free tickets for The Beatles Story had gone, he had finished and was just returning his Culture Company umbrella to the 08 Place.

The 08 Place officially opened its doors in Whitechapel on this day last year so today is its first birthday. Hence the excellent looking cake. We got there just as the staff were about to cut into it and hand out pieces to the visitors.

We picked up a few leaflets for next weeks Mathew Street Music Festival whilst waiting for the guide to take us to St John’s Beacon (now known as Radio City Tower). It was a long wait, in fact he didn’t show up but eventually a replacement arrived, a nice young bloke called Jordan.

They have tours of the tower every Saturday and Sunday, bookable through the 08 Place but normally you have to pay, today it was free. It includes a quick tour of the Radio City studios and a showing of a short video about the history of the tower. Obviously we took loads of photographs but it was a wet, grey day and the windows are quite mucky so not ideal conditions. Some amazing views though, interesting what you can see on top of some of the roofs in the city centre.

Here are pictures of the fountain and roundabout in Williamson Square and a view of one of my favourite areas – The Museum, Central Library and Walker Gallery with St Georges Hall. We could have gone on to a few more places but we were worn out after climbing the tower (only kidding, the lift goes so fast it makes your ears go funny)

tower-view-1.jpg tower-view-2.jpg