Williamson Art Gallery: Souvenirs from the Far East, an Illustrated Talk

Williamson Art Gallery: Souvenirs from the Far East, an Illustrated Talk
Williamson Art Gallery: Souvenirs from the Far East, an Illustrated Talk

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery & Museum
Dates: 21/02/2019
Times: 19:00


Souvenirs from the Far East will be explored in an illustrated talk from Dr Brigitte Jurack on the evening of 21st February 2019.

An illustrated talk about a small collection of souvenirs from the Far East (China, Korea, Japan). These souvenirs include a folder of delicate miniature paintings on paper from China, and small items of clothing. .

In today’s global economy and in close proximity to the large Liverpool port, the majority of objects we are surrounding ourselves with are Made in China, Japan, and South Korea. Vast ships, loaded with thousands of containers filled with consumer items travel thousands of sea miles on a daily basis. Students and tourist fly across time zones from East to West and vice versa searching for education, employment or the culturally exotic. Time-zones and travel distances have lost their significance due to face time and skype. Have ‘cultural identities become more fluid within the ‘global village’?

The presentation will use slides of various souvenirs from the Far East held in the basement of the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, to discuss the long tradition of influences of Chinese artefacts on Western Art whilst simultaneously reflecting on the precarious role of the artist in the ‘global village’.

Dr. Brigitte Jurack, currently Head of Sculpture/time based arts at Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, has made Wirral her home for the last 15 years. She is a sculptor and performance artist, and her studio (Alternator studio) is in Birkenhead. As director of Alternator studios, she has initiated “Translating the street”, a series of micro-residencies for artists to engage with the diverse and multi-cultural neighbourhood on Oxton Road , Birkenhead. Jurack was also commissioned to develop Oxton Rock and Explorers for the Green Gallery at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum and her sculptures Just wait for me are in Central Park ,Wallasey.

Tangential talks inspired by the Collections

This talk is part of a series of monthly lectures taking places on the third Thursday of the month at the Williamson Art Gallery. Artefacts in this collection currently reside in the basement of the building. These objects rarely, if ever, see the light of day and are a curious mix indeed!

Café & bar open at 6pm for food – cash only. Talk starts at 7pm. Tickets £3 on the door.

Parking available in the car park and on surrounding streets, please be considerate of our neighbours when leaving your vehicle.