Warehouse Theatre: Angel Field Festival: Interruptions (Installation)

Warehouse Theatre: Angel Field Festival: Interruptions (Installation)
Warehouse Theatre: Angel Field Festival: Interruptions (Installation)

Venue: Cornerstone
Dates: 26/03/2019
Times: 11:00

NB: This event takes place in the Warehouse Theatre at Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP. The installation will begin with a live presentation at 11am and then will run throughout the course of the day until 7pm. 
NB: Tickets and pre-booking are not required for this free admission event.

Dr Sarah Black and Dr Manuella Blackburn present Interruptions an installation sharing their journeys into performance making from the perspective of the mother-artist.

The focus of Sarah Black’s work is on the mother-artist developing a performance-based practice with her family in the home. The work is drawn from her Practice-as-Research PhD Mother as Curator: Performance, Family and Ethics, wherein a play on words encourages the mother to curate and take care of practice whilst at the same time establishing and working through a series of ethical implications.

Composer Manuella Blackburn includes a number of her acousmatic works, exploring the home as a resource for sounds. Noises including ice cube trays, ticking clocks, kitchen utensils and rotary telephones are transformed from the mundane and the everyday into intricate sound sculptures. The experience of being a mother after the birth of her two children, and spending more time in the home environment brought new significant to house sounds as she listened more detail. These sounds became hallmarks and signifiers for a chapter of her life where grounded in one place, she was still eager to be creative. These works mark a transition, and also provide a personal reflection on the sounds from Blackburn’s immediate surroundings.

Free Admission (no tickets required)