Victoria Gallery & Museum: New Perspectives

Victoria Gallery & Museum: New Perspectives
Victoria Gallery & Museum: New Perspectives

Venue: Victoria Gallery & Museum
Dates: 20/01/2018 - 27/10/2018
Times: All Day

New Perspectives
20 January 2018- 27 October 2018

Location: Gallery 2, first floor

New Perspectives is the highlight of our 10th anniversary celebrations of the Victoria Gallery & Museum in 2018.

Starting in January the exhibition will showcase new work by contemporary artists who have drawn inspiration from the unseen collections that VG&M holds, giving these works a ‘new perspective’.

The exhibition launches in galleries 1 & 2 on our first floor with award-winning artist Phoebe Cummings with artists Ben Judd and Open Music Archiveexhibiting their unique takes on the collections later in the year.

The ‘Red Wall’ outside galleries 1 & 2 will also be used by Phoebe Cummings to display her research for visitors, providing an insight into her artistic practise.

  1. Model for a Common Room

    The first commission of the series, Model for a Common Room, launches 20 January 2018, from award winning ceramicist Phoebe Cummings. Her installation is a temporary re-imagining of what was formerly a women’s common room. Cummings was recently named the winner of the inaugural £10,000 Woman’s Hour Craft Prize.

  2. The Collective

    The second commission of the exhibition, Ben Judd’s The Collective, opens 23 June 2018, is an exhibition and performance project which reimagines the VG&M lantern slide collection as the archive of a fictional society.

  3. Play it Again! Use it Together

    The final exhibition of the series, Eileen Simpson and Ben White’s Play it Again! Use it Together, opens 14 September 2018 and explores issues of ownership using the Institute of Popular Music’s (IPM) archives of over 80,000 records.

The Curator

New Perspectives was initiated and curated by Rose Lejeune, an independent curator. The commissions at the VG&M form part of a larger series of projects collectively titled Collecting the Ephemeral curated by Lejeune. Running since autumn 2015, and articulating itself through a series of exhibitions within existing collections, alongside academic research, it explores how artists with social, process-based and ephemeral practices can be represented in collections and how artists can re-imagine collections through interactions with them.