Unity Theatre: Fruit Smoothie

Unity Theatre: Fruit Smoothie

Unity Theatre: Fruit Smoothie

Venue: Unity Theatre
Date(s): 20.4.24
Time(s): 13:30


Saturday 20th April



This show is part of Liverpool Improvisation Festival 2024


We fill our show with light-hearted, sweet and snappy shortform improv games – we revel in puns, guessing games and quirky characters and we keep it short and sweet. Our theme celebrates the FUN more than the funny, and we prioritise heartfelt collaboration over cleverness.


Performed by: Michael Ananins, Iain Luke Jones, Dave Hodgson, Sekki Tabasuares, Liz Hardy, San George, Stuart Hughes and Jenna McCaffrey






Facebook: The Oickers



“The Oickers are confident and happy people. Playing games, fast-paced to bring you to tears of joy. They all have equal stakes and they each make the others shine in the best way possible.” – Jon Nguyen, Nottingham 2023


This show is part of the second instalment of the Liverpool Improv Festival. To find out more and book Full Day / Weekend Access please visit here.