Unit 51: States of Flow

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    Unit 51: States of Flow

    Venue: Baltic Creative C.I.C.
    Dates: 17/04/18 - 14/05/18
    Times: 09:00 - 17:30

    Title:   ‘States of Flow’ 
    Description:   solo exhibition of fluid art by Emma Suzanne Boutet
    Address:  The Shed, Unit 51, Baltic Creative, 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 0AH
    Dates:  Tuesday 17th April 2018 – Monday 14th May 2018

    Opening:  4-6pm 17th April
    Weekdays: 08:30-18:00 – selected work – Unit 51
    Weekends: 09:00- 17:30 – full exhibition – The Shed

    Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/states-of-flow-eventbrite 



    This exhibition of fluid paintings and digital prints explores ‘states of flow’ in both consciousness and physical materials. 

    Looking at changes in perception of time and energy; working with the unknown and improvisation as acts of creativity, and the point at which we find ourselves in a ‘state of flow’.


    Emma Suzanne Boutet’s artistic practice is influenced by a lifelong background in multidisciplinary creativity – including: fluid painting, dance, design, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and digital.