Unit 51: Bridget Marie Waters – Oscillation

Unit 51: Bridget Marie Waters - Oscillation
Unit 51: Bridget Marie Waters – Oscillation

Venue: Baltic Creative C.I.C.
Dates: 08/10/2017 - 22/10/2017
Times: All Day

Bridget Marie Waters – Oscillation
Sunday October 8th – Sunday October 22nd 2017.

Admission: Free (all ages welcome)
Location: Baltic Creative Space, CIC, 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 OAH

These days, things are not built to last.

Oscillation explores the expanding theory and visual knowledge of the largest and most intricate human organ: the brain.

Although I believe, and still in its primitive stages, the fascinating journey stemmed from this research methodology extracts divisions of neurology coupled within consciousness and creative design, to manufacture an aesthetic exploration of design coupled with science as function: whilst enveloping ethical core beliefs, within the recognizable and equally personal composition, that is comprised of family within habitat.

Endeavoring to rejuvenate and bring memories and objects back to life, through investing quality time to develop knowledge within the divisions of neuroplasticity through encapsulating solutions to transform and influence positive change whilst making a profound difference. Furthermore, re assessing resources and processes in line with upscaling structured attire and everyday household items, whilst endeavoring to create new and relevant research, brings this wider perspective to bear on my career trajectory.

Analyzing intricate tunnels and pathways whilst enlightening audiences about mental medical advances, I hope will protect the longevity of the human mind for future generations, whilst considering the economic and environmental implications, stabilize presently, the perspective of this scholarly practical and theoretical research to date, by uniting the left logical hemisphere with the right creative hemisphere, within this complex, but equally extraordinary, timeless tool, that is our unique coordinating foundation.