The Cornerstone Gallery: Xx – Yy – Zz

The Cornerstone Gallery: Xx – Yy – Zz
The Cornerstone Gallery: Xx – Yy – Zz

Venue: Cornerstone
Dates: 22/02/2018
Times: 17:30 - 19:30

‘Xx – Yy – Zz’
New exhibition at The Cornerstone Gallery
Private View: 5.30-7.30pmThursday 22 February

‘Xx – Yy – Zz’ is an exhibition of exciting new work by 16 Liverpool Hope University Fine Art students.

Presenting work across a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture and digital work, the exhibition will explore the concept of multiples within artistic studio practice.

Multiples offer rich possibilities for layering, repetition and the creation of editions. By allowing each artist to present these elements from their ongoing studio process, the work is exhibited as the possible and unresolved, the ‘X, Y and Z’ of production in Fine Art practice. This exhibition aims to move away from the, arguably constrictive, final piece to reveal the links and transitions within their respective studio process.

Featured artists: Ivy Kalungi, Chloe Rushe, Patricia Montague, Tanisha Okwu, Ellyse Garwood, Poppy Hughes, Zoë Blair–Sallery, Jade Harris, Roisin Feeney, Natalia Szluc, Claire Henderson, Jade Dunn, Abiana Bore, Jenny Cline, Courtney Baker, Sophie Ellis and Jason Flanagan.

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Address: The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University, 17 Shaw Street, L6 1HP 

Private view: Thursday 22 February, 5.30pm – 7:30pm
Opening times:

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 February, 10am – 5pm