The Cornerstone Building: Angel Field Festival: Keynote Lecture – ‘Un-learning Bauhaus’

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    The Cornerstone Building: Angel Field Festival: Keynote Lecture – ‘Un-learning Bauhaus’

    Venue: Cornerstone
    Dates: 29/03/19
    Times: 12:00

    NB: This event takes place in the Grace Room in the Cornerstone Building at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP

    NB: This is a free admission event and no tickets are required to attend it.

    This lecture introduces the Bauhaus as a crucible of the modern art school and asks what is the relevance of its pedagogic approaches for future generations. The fundamental premise, is that knowledge is not created through an encounter between minds furnished with preformed concepts and theories, but grows from our practical and observational engagement with the world around us. Education here is a process of discovery that will continue to shape our understanding of the world as we encounter new people, place??s and situations.

    Through a series of examples of student experiments, speaker Judith Winter will move beyond the stylistic assumptions and historiography of the Bauhaus. What she is proposing is that Bauhaus teaching can be viewed as an ongoing process rather than a specific curriculum or menu card of teaching resources.

    Re-listening to the Bauhaus also brings to life the educational and reformist perspectives of the early 20th century and asks how these pedagogic attitudes might resonate in our own times. The proposition is to un-learn – an approach rooted not in history, but in the practice of everyday life. Un-learning in these terms is a way ┬áto see, hear and feel the familiar as if for the first time.

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    Free Admission (no tickets required)