Tate Liverpool: Liv Wynter: Artist Talk & In Conversation with TRS

Tate Liverpool: Liv Wynter: Artist Talk & In Conversation with TRS
Tate Liverpool: Liv Wynter: Artist Talk & In Conversation with TRS

Venue: Tate Liverpool
Dates: 21/01/2017
Times: 13:00 - 15:00

To culminate a week long series of artist talks co-organised by The Royal Standard at Tate Exchange, Liv Wynter will be discussing her political artistic practice. She will then be joined by Emma Curd and Maggie Matic, Artistic Directors at The Royal Standard, to discuss her ongoing collaborative relationship with TRS and Liverpool’s communities more widely.

This event is free and no booking is required. The event will take place in the Tate Exchange space in the first floor gallery at Tate Liverpool.

Artist Bio:

Liv Wynter is a queer working class female artist working and living in south london. Through her anarchic and punk exploration of language, rap and poetry, Liv uses sharp wit and home truths teamed with uncompromising honesty to create discussions around class, sexuality, gender, recovery from violent relationships and rebuilding yourself post trauma. Liv’s work is socially and politically demanding, and her practice sets her far apart from others using text based work due its relentless and unapologetic demand to be acknowledged. Liv’s ability to wear her heart on her sleeve and leave her metaphors at the door means her work is extremely accessible. This allows her to move from established art institutions to youth clubs,community centers, to protests with ease but also raw conviction. Liv uses emotive language without fear and embraces ideas of hysteria as a subversive way to tackle capitalist and patriarchal ideas of how women should behave.

Liv’s driving force is creating community and using art practice to empower and energise marginalised groups, particularly young working class people and people dealing with trauma surrounding sexual violence. Her practice takes on many forms, and although it is rooted in performance, she considers skill sharing and workshops to be a vital part of ensuring the performances have a long lasting and progressive after effect. Her work is as much about the communities that amalgamate together around it as it is about the actual thing – be it a poem, a workshop or a political occupation. Due to outreach being such an important part of Liv’s work, she is often trying to question how we can bring into the gallery those that feel excluded from it. Liv believes the gallery should be an active community space. Liv’s involvement with political organisations and voluntary community projects further demonstrate her dedication to making sure she is putting into practice the things she preaches