Surtsey Projects: G is for Grapple

Surtsey Projects: G is for Grapple

Surtsey Projects: G is for Grapple

Venue: Surtsey Projects
Date(s): 4.11.16
Time(s): 18:00 - 20:00

G is for Grapple

South African artists Christian Nerf and Trasi Henen collaborate for the first time, using the Surtsey space as a platform for risk, play and experimentation.

In ‘G is for Grapple’, the artists describe their dual project as attempting to ‚Äúcontain the uncontainable and trying to support the unsupportable.”

Christian Nerf is a South African Artist based in Liverpool, who is about to complete his MA at LJMU.

Trasi Henan is a South African Artist currently based in Manchester, who recently completed her MFA at Goldmsiths, University of London.

Surtsey Projects is an artist-led studio and project space in Liverpool City Centre, aiming to encourage experimentation by initiating new and diverse collaborations across disciplines. Not a gallery, Surtsey offers a transitional space where Artists can experiment in pairs, giving them control and allowing them to take risks. These collaborations usually manifest themselves as one-off events.

By Lily Mellor, Laura Rushton and Devon Forrester-Jones