Staacks:  ‘Tiny Islands’ by Fiona Philipps

Staacks:  ‘Tiny Islands’ by Fiona Philipps

Staacks:  ‘Tiny Islands’ by Fiona Philipps

Venue: Staacks
Date(s): 1.10.18 - 31.10.18
Time(s): 00:00

 ‘Tiny Islands’ by Fiona Philipps

The collection of paintings for my exhibition ‘Tiny Islands’ have been created throughout the seasons. They are inspired by my observations of the tidal Islands Hilbre Island, Little Eye and Middle Eye and the landscapes that surround them. They document each season.

They are also evoked by memories from my childhood and experiences with my own children. I have spent my whole life here and it feels as though so much of the landscape is connected to my memories and each chapter of my life.

When I was growing up it was my dream to live on Hilbre Island. I loved, and still do, the  idea of being cut off from the rest of the world just for a few hours. My paintings begin as winter approaches and the summer visitors leave. The beaches, marine lake and coastline become deserted, reclaimed by nature.

My winter paintings explore the barren often bleak landscapes winter brings. When the earth, rocks, streams and tidal waters lose their summer warmth.

As the winter slowly passes and we move into spring my paintings record the changes in the landscape, its colours and textures as the summer visitors return once again.

Some of my abstract pieces are inspired by the tide of visitors that flow towards the beach and the tidal waters that flow inwards to the shore until the two tides meet.

Textures and mark making play an important role in my practice and the development of my artwork. Many of my paintings are created spontaneously. To a certain extent my materials have more control over the end result than I do.

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