The Royal Standard: Travis Alabanza

The Royal Standard: Travis Alabanza
The Royal Standard: Travis Alabanza

Venue: The Royal Standard
Dates: 25/11/2017
Times: 19:30

Travis Alabanza
25.11.17 | 7:30pm
Performance artist, writer and poet Travis Alabanza will perform inside the gallery a mixture of their performance poetry, soundscapes and work – collaborating and mixing with their physical work that is present. This presentation will be about existing in public, being outside, and surviving as a Black trans person.

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Travis Alabanza is a performance artist, theatre maker, poet and writer that works and survives in London, via Bristol. Their multidisciplinary practice uses a combination of poetry, theatre, soundscapes, projection and body-focussed performance art to scream about their survival as a Black, trans, gender-non-conforming person in the UK. Growing up on a council estate in the outskirts of a city, Alabanza prides themselves on a practice that is messy, abrupt, confrontation, atypical and self-taught, often using performance to provoke a strong emotion [and action] from their audiences. In the last two years Alabanza has cemented themselves as one of the most prominent emerging queer artists in the UK (As noted by Dazed, Prancing Through Life and MOBO) and has performed, talked and toured across numerous UK venues as well as internationally, to acclaim reviews.