The Royal Standard: School of The Damned Degree Show

The Royal Standard: School of The Damned Degree Show

The Royal Standard: School of The Damned Degree Show

Venue: The Royal Standard
Date(s): 7.4.17 - 16.4.17
Time(s): All Day

SCHOOL OF THE DAMNED: 100% Certified Absolute Genuine Degree Show 


We are pleased to welcome School of the Damned to The Royal Standard for their yearly degree show for the first time. The graduates from Year of the Monkey (2017) will take over our gallery space and communal areas at TRS from the 8th-15th of April. During which time they will also be hosting a symposium on Saturday the 8th of April which will look at alternative art schools, and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of independent systems of art education.

Opening night:
Friday 7th April

Saturday 8th April*

/ nick barrett / nathan bather / rory beard / esme boggis / rose de borman / clawson & ward / katie della-valle / sarah-joy ford / sam hutchinson / daniel sean kelly / tom kemp / jane lawson / joanne masding / vlada predelina / jordan taylor /
/ jessica mai walker / rose walsh /

The School of the Damned is a free postgraduate art course run by, and for, its students. It provides participants with the critical space to develop and reassess their art practice. We operate without money, without a bank account, without financial obligation. School of the Damned runs a labour exchange programme with a growing number of guest artists, spaces and lecturers.

* Symposium will take place in a venue in Liverpool City Centre, click the link to the Facebook event

(Part 1 took take place in London SET space

Northern Lights
Cains Brewery Village
5 Mann Street
L8 5AF