The Royal Standard: If We Are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious’

The Royal Standard: If We Are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious’
The Royal Standard: If We Are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious’

Venue: The Royal Standard
Dates: 07/09/2017 - 30/09/2017
Times: All Day

If We Are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious’

PV, Thursday 7th from 5.30pm-8.30pm

Black Blossoms is an organisation which aims to amplify the voices of black women in the creative industries will be going on an art exhibition tour across the UK. The first location is The Royal Standard Gallery in Liverpool from 7th – 30th September  2017. The exhibition will be exploring socio-political issues, feminism and self love from the perspective of self identifying black women artists, living in Britain in 2017.

The artist on tour  include;  The “I’m Tired”  Project who  have been previously commended by David Cameron, they have created a new body of work exclusively for Black Blossoms  focusing  on microaggressions young black women creatives face.  Heather Agyepong who was recently selected as one of the top 10 female photographers devoted to social justice by Mashables and upcoming artist’s J C Cowan’s whose work focuses on individuality and Camila  Mica Daniels who focuses on sexuality and consent. 

The exhibition title ‘If We are Going to Heal, Let it Be Glorious’  was inspired by Beyonce’s Grammys 2017 performance. Founder and creative director Bee Tajudeen believes, “the exhibition marks a new era of black British women no longer being afraid to creatively and boldly respond to the political and social climate which is having an affect on their daily lives.” With anti-immigration sentiments on the rise and women marching across America and Europe to voice their dissatisfaction with austerity, politics and sexism,  “this exhibition put the concerns of black women at the forefront and provides a space for healing and comfort.” 

Black Blossoms first exhibition was held in University of the Arts London (UAL) Showroom and was a major success, Natalie Stevens, UAL’s events and showcasing coordinator stated “ It was the most highly attended exhibition of our entire programme since opening in 2012.  This proved the relevance and importance of the exhibition and how few opportunities and showcases there are in the UK supporting black women in the creative industries.”

The touring exhibition will go to Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham and London and is a must see for all to see and hear black women being glorious.