Rathbone Studio: ‘Journey’

Rathbone Studio: 'Journey'

Rathbone Studio: ‘Journey’

Venue: Rathbone Studio
Date(s): 3.11.15
Time(s): 14:00

Exhibition runs Tuesday 3 November 2015 to Saturday 9 January 2016

Explore the theme of ‘Journey‘ interpreting the subject in your own individual and sometimes unusual ways.

It could be a …
‘Journey’ of discovery
‘Journey’ of creativity

‘Journey’ of enlightenment
‘Journey’ of self development
‘Journey’ of self destruction
‘Journey’ from the cradle to the grave
‘Journey’ it is up to you

While at the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in producing a collective piece of artwork, called ‘Journey’. Visitors may add to the canvas as they wish and so create a completely spontaneous piece.

This could perhaps be the beginning of someone’s own ‘journey’ to a discovery of art!

For more info, email: info@rathbonestudio.com