OUTPUT gallery: OUTPUT Open 4

OUTPUT gallery: OUTPUT Open 4
OUTPUT gallery: OUTPUT Open 4

Venue: OUTPUT Gallery
Dates: 06/02/2020 - 23/02/2020
Times: 00:00

Opening Thursday 6 Feb 5-8pm
Open until Feb 23

We kick off our brand new 2020 programme with OUTPUT gallery’s regular group show OUTPUT OPEN which brings creatives from or based in Merseyside together in one exhibition. The fourth edition includes painting, video, music, sculpture, poetry and illustration. There isn’t a single neat theme that runs through everybody’s work – we simply enjoyed the practices of these makers and wanted to showcase the great amount of creative activity that is happening locally. This year’s edition includes work by Hannah Arhinful, Mia Cathcart, Ollie C, Natalie Denny, Catherine Garvey, Ann Gilchrist, Fauziya Johnson, Faisal Koukash, Gabriel Starkey and Linny Venables. We hope you enjoy the show!

* please note new exhibition evening opening hours of 5-8pm! Exhibitions will stay open later depending on

The front door is heavy and there is a bell to request access. Then, there are 4 steps to get up to the space which has a small vintage shop at the front and a gallery in the back. Someone will be at the shop desk in the front if you need their a[en:on or assistance 11-6pm every day. We have a temporary ramp in the form of two channel ramps that can be requested. These are only suitable for manual wheelchairs. The channel ramps can support up to 275kg. When they are in place, the staff member in the shop or another individual will need to help wheelchair users up the ramp as it is unsafe to use alone due to the eleva:on.

Read the full venue access guide here on our website:

Open 11-6pm every day
32 Seel St
L1 4BE