Open Eye Gallery: Dementia and Wellbeing Day

Open Eye Gallery: Dementia and Wellbeing Day
Open Eye Gallery: Dementia and Wellbeing Day

Venue: Open Eye Gallery
Dates: 27/10/2017
Times: All Day


27 OCTOBER 2017


This is a day all about wellbeing and living with dementia. Over the course of the day, you are invited to help us build a temporary labyrinth and share your experiences of dementia – either your own or those of someone close to you.

The labyrinth will resemble a cerebral cortex that can be walked around in a relaxed way. It will be made from old cardigans and jumpers, with over 500 memo clip holders placed around the labyrinth so that everyone can attach photos, postcards stories and artworks created on the day at one of our craft tables. There will also be a printer on hand to print out photos.

Playing, laughing and being active while accepting new challenges is a great way to keep the brain engaged. The labyrinth will focus on joyful moments to bring a smile or maybe a laugh and let people know that we can live well with dementia. Likened to a walking meditation, the labyrinth provides a perfect place for people living with dementia to find a sense of wellness and calm.

There will be collaborative workshops throughout the day, led by a team of LJMU artists and students. The day ties in with one of the projects on show as part of current exhibition Culture Shifts: Local, produced by Tadhg Devlin with SURF Dementia Network.

You can bring stories and photographs to add to the labyrinth. All original photographs will be copied and returned.

Working closely with the Service Users Reference Forum (SURF) we recognise how vital laughter and comedy is in coping with transitions. The stories gathered will feature as part of the Being Human Festival 2017.

There will also be a comedy event linked to The Lost and Found Labyrinth. ‘The Tangled Veil and the Cloud of Unknowing – LOL’ comedy performance will be presented on Wed 22nd November at 8pm in the Laughterhouse Comedy Club, Fenwick Street, Liverpool. L2 7L. For more information on this, contact