Oakfield Road, Anfield: Ghost Mural Projection

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    Oakfield Road, Anfield: Ghost Mural Projection

    Dates: 02/03/16
    Times: 19:00

    Ghost Mural by Jayne Lawless and Janet Brandon will be projected on the gable end of Oakfield Road, Anfield, on Wednesday 2 March 2016 from 19.00
    FREE, open to the public

    In 2012 a project began to paint a mural in an area that had been subjected to the housing market renewal initiative. This government initiative ultimately failed and left a community in limbo for years and eventually completely dispersed and homes demolished.

    A result of literally chasing walls before they were demolished led to a re-think and a ‘ghost mural’ a mural that could never be destroyed a long with a short film. The short film will be screened for the first time in the coming weeks and seeks to give a nod to the people and families who grew up there.

    See the Ghost Mural film premiere at Homebaked, Anfield, Friday 8 April 2016, along with a number of the animation sets made by Brandon for the film. There is an invitation to all who have helped shape and support this project over the years to come along and raise a glass.

    Read more details about the project on The Double Negative

    Follow the Ghost Mural on Facebook for updates and screening details, and on Twitter @JayneLawless