Make. North Docks: Sketching from a Futurist’s Lost Sculpture

Make. North Docks: Sketching from a Futurist's Lost Sculpture
Make. North Docks: Sketching from a Futurist’s Lost Sculpture

Venue: Make Liverpool
Dates: 17/03/2018
Times: 14:00 - 17:00

Sketching from a Futurist’s Lost Sculpture


This is unique opportunity to sketch from Umberto Boccioni’s destroyed sculpture that was lost 100 years ago. Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement 1913 was smashed to pieces in 1917. Boccioni made this sculpture before his Unique Forms of Continuity in Space 1913 that has become an iconic masterpiece of futurist sculpture. Spiral Expansion has been re-created at 1.2 metres tall by artist Matt Smith using photographic references, digital tools and 3D printing technologies.

It is hoped that the rare opportunity to draw from this sculpture will inspire those who are interested in drawing the human figure, and relieve any pressure on those who haven’t drawn much before because this abstract approach to the figure puts less focus on realism. Because you get a prolonged, focused examination of the sculpture, it’s also ideal for those that would like to gain more insight and understanding of how Boccioni developed his work into his masterpiece which can be seen in Tate Modern.

The session will be a 3-hour closed period at Make Liverpool. Places are limited to 16 and must be booked. Some materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own sketchbooks, pencils or charcoal.

Matt will introduce the work and share some of the development of the project with you and will include a short Q&A. To find out more about his project, find it on:


Twitter: @unique_forms

Instagram: unique_forms_art