Liverpool Artists’ Network, Office Christmas Party

Liverpool Artists' Network, Office Christmas Party
Liverpool Artists’ Network, Office Christmas Party

Dates: 19/12/2018
Times: 18:00


It’s that time of year again, you know, when everyone starts talking about the work Christmas Party and you get all sad that your life choices of joyous creativity have now left you working all on your lonesome, wishing you could be part of all the drunken office party shenanigans… hilarious photocopying of interesting parts of your anatomy, impressing your colleagues with your rendition of ‘Bat out of Hell’ on the karaoke… you get the picture.

But do not fear!

You don’t have to be lonely this Christmas.


Wednesday 19th December, 6pm, Ship and Mitre pub, 133 Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2JH,

PLEASE NOTE: This is actually not an official Christmas party after all, in as much as, we’re just all meeting informally in the pub and we’re hoping it won’t be mega busy there and everyone who wants a seat will be able to get one etc. If you want to come but you’ve never been to a LAN meeting before, send us an email so we can make sure you know who to look for (one of us will wear a funny hat or something),

With warmest of wishes!

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