LightNight 2019 – RIBA North: Permutations

LightNight 2019 - RIBA North: Permutations

LightNight 2019 – RIBA North: Permutations

Venue: RIBA North
Date(s): 17.5.19
Time(s): 17:00 - 22:00

17:00 – 22:00
RIBA North

Permutations is a new musical work by Freya Waley-Cohen, performed by Tamsin Waley-Cohen, and an architectural installation by Finbarr O’Dempsey and Andrew Skulina.

It was created on an Open Space Residency at Aldeburgh Music because the artists wanted to create a way for listeners to involve themselves in harmony and counterpoint, whilst using the powerful relationship between architecture and music to give autonomy over the performance ritual to listeners. The performance and its architectural setting were developed simultaneously and in close collaboration, each acting as a muse for the other.

The 18-minute composition is written for six recorded violin parts. The architectural setting is a set of six movable chambers, each of which houses one of the six violin parts. While adjusting the level of resonance in a chamber by rotating the doors, the listener can transform the level of acoustic enclosure, to single out one or two parts at any given time or to experience the full ensemble in counterpoint. Through interaction with the chambers, listeners will be able to explore the new work of music from the inside out. Each audience member can create their own ritual by the path they choose to take through the space.