LightNight 2019 – Art in Windows: To Cultivate Compassion

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    LightNight 2019 – Art in Windows: To Cultivate Compassion

    Venue: Art in Windows
    Dates: 17/05/19
    Times: 17:00 - 23:30

    17:00 – 02:00
    5 Bold Place

    Dawn Parry Cunliffe is a visual artist fascinated by nature and the environment. In ‘To Cultivate Compassion’ she continues a long tradition of literal and metaphorical human-animal hybrids which were, and still are, often created to help explore a larger, more interconnected understanding of the world we live in: mythological tales, religious rituals and contemporary cultural phenomenons are littered with them – think Minotaurs, Easter lambs and Peppa Pigs.

    Since choosing a vegan diet and lifestyle, Cunliffe has realised how crucially important it is to hold an unrelenting compassion for other living creatures and the earth as a whole. For this exhibition she uses anthropomorphism to imbue farmed animals with the respect they deserve by showing them as individuals with the capacity to feel a wide range of our own emotions, such as happiness, pain and loss, that come from being sociable and sentient creatures.

    ‘To Cultivate Compassion’ attempts to re-balance our emotional and physical links with the animals we depend upon by focusing our attention on how farm and human animals experience a shared life, highlighting the parody we perform by adoring the thought and imagery of the animals we breed to eat while in reality causing them inhumane suffering.