IB18: Bluecoat Display Centre: Berina Kelly

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    IB18: Bluecoat Display Centre: Berina Kelly

    Venue: Bluecoat Display Centre
    Dates: 01/10/18 - 31/10/18
    Times: All Day

    Berina Kelly

    In celebration of the Liverpool Irish Festival and our ongoing creative partnership we have selected the jeweller Berina Kelly.

    My work is immersed in nature. I am inspired by the natural flow of things: the layering of rock formed over centuries, scattered, scuffed sea pebbles, lacey leaves created by feasting insects, the line of tall trees with curving branches. I also I love the clean lines of Northern European design, this has Influenced and helped shape my practice. Many years ago, I developed my own language through form, material, technique and finish. I continue to explore this language to communicate themes of self, life cycle, and experiences both positive and negative.

    I design and make exhibition and collectable pieces in sterling silver and 18ct gold, sometimes adding wood, paper, semi-precious beads and stones like onyx, cornelian and Jasper.