HeadSpace@EggSpace: Subconscious Worlds’ by Jennifer Hawkins

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    HeadSpace@EggSpace: Subconscious Worlds’ by Jennifer Hawkins

    Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
    Dates: 25/04/18 - 21/05/18
    Times: 09:00 - 22:30

    Subconscious Worlds’ by Jennifer Hawkins

    Hello Art Lovers!

    This week we have a new exhibition starting called ‘Subconscious Worlds’ by Jennifer Hawkins which runs from 25th April to 21st May 2018. Please note there is no private viewing for this show but the Egg is open from 9am-10:30pm on week days and 10am-10:30pm on the weekend for you all to view it 🙂

    Below is some information about Jenny and her work:

    These ‘Thoughts’ paintings are metaphors for thoughts and feelings. This exhibition is a continuation of Jenny’s artistic explorations and expressions of feelings and emotions.

    “I like to experiment with abstract and representational forms, colours and textures. The large paintings are acrylic on canvas. The small paintings are done in a range of mixed media, printing, watercolour, ink wash, graphite, pen, pencil and crayon – monochrome and colour effects on watercolour paper. One of my small paintings is on the cover of my book – “Feelings and Emotion-based Learning: A New Theory” 2017 Palgrave Macmillan on Amazon.

    For more information about Jennifer, her book, feminist and landscape artwork or to buy a limited edition fine art print – please visit: Art sales and academic Website: www.jahawkins.co.uk

    10% OFF – EXHIBITION SPECIAL OFFER! Limited edition fine art prints through the website [during the exhibition using the code EGGEX & free postage in UK only]

    Twitter: @jenhawk6248