Headspace@Eggspace: Normal Milk

Headspace@Eggspace: Normal Milk

Headspace@Eggspace: Normal Milk

Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
Date(s): 14.12.17 - 21.1.18
Time(s): All Day

normal milk

News from Egg Cafe:

Hello everyone!

This week we have a bumper new show from the very lovely staff at the egg! The private view is on Thursday 14th December from 7:00-8:30pm so join us for a glass of wine/juice and peruse the artwork on display.

The show is up until mid January if you don’t make it along to the opening night. I’ll let the paragraph below describe what’s in store for you.

“The artists working within this show have served you normal milk. This is something as staff members that we hear every day. Normal milk is expected because that is what most people have with their tea and coffee and this title is in no way about judging those that have normal milk just about regular or normal milk being a strange concept. This collection of works is extremely diverse including collage, costume design, painting, drawing and photography. Some of the artists/ staff have made the work to liberate themselves from their normal choices. The artists/staff chose to put their work on the walls even though it wasn’t expected of them in the same way you can choose to have soya, almond or dairy milk. The artists/staff have seized the opportunity to represent themselves in their workplace in a way that is in no way standardised or regular. Let us know if you enjoy normal milk.”

Participating artists:
Ben Walker

Ryan Watkins

Joel Gytenbeek

Dionne Koo

Naomi McAllister

Karl Maher

Rachael Rooney